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If you are experiencing neck stiffness and pain for several days, you will benefit from seeing chiropractors in Henderson Nevada.

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When Your Neck Is Stiff, There Is Only One Thing You Want: Relief

Chiropractors in Henderson

Neck stiffness isn’t unusual, and it can occur from merely spending too long bent over your desk, sleeping awkwardly, or lifting something that is too heavy. Many crave the feeling of relief that comes from a quick crack of the neck (although some research has shown that this may be a psychological placebo effect).

But Is Cracking Your Neck Any Good For You?

Well, it depends. If you crack your neck by merely turning your head, you aren’t causing yourself damage if you do it occasionally. However, if you are forcing your neck to pop or crack suddenly, you probably aren’t doing yourself a lot of good.

Cracking your neck may not be the best option if you are feeling more than just “a bit stiff,” or if you are experiencing neck stiffness and pain for several days. So if this is the case you will benefit from seeing chiropractors in Henderson Nevada.

Leave It To The Professionals

A friend might offer to give you a hand with your stiff neck, but they could easily end up applying too much pressure and causing more damage than good. So just get your back or neck adjusted from a licensed chiropractor Henderson or physical therapist.

  • So, What Happens When You Crack Your Neck?

    There are a few explanations for why your neck makes a popping sound. The first is called cavitation. Chiropractors in Henderson NV joints contain gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen) and fluid to cushion and lubricate the joints. The sound is produced by pressure on the fluid that creates gas bubbles that pop. Cavitation can increase flexibility and ease discomfort, and chiropractors are trained to do this most effectively to relieve pain.

    Another reason for the cracking noise is the result of ligaments and tendons moving over the joints or one another. Ligaments connect bone to bone, and tendons connect muscle to bone. Sometimes, if the ligaments, muscles, or tendons supporting your neck are too tight or too loose, they will make this cracking noise when you force the tendons, muscles, or ligaments to rub against your bones.

  • Chiropractor Henderson NV

    Popping your joints (neck or otherwise) releases endorphins that help relieve your pain temporarily. This release can be addictive, that’s why people will often say, “but I needed to!” when you ask them to stop cracking a specific body part.

    This popping or cracking noise does not necessarily indicate that there has been any positive readjustment.

  • When Is Neck Cracking Bad For You?

    Cracking or popping your neck should never hurt, and you should never have to force it. If either of these things is true, then neck cracking is likely doing you harm. Your neck should not be extremely stiff or at all swollen, and if this is the case, you almost certainly have a neck injury that requires medical attention.

    Beware that constant or forcibly cracking your neck can be bad for you. There is an abundance of blood vessels in your neck that can be damaged by continuous cracking. These vessels carry blood to, and away from your brain, so forceful and constant neck cracking can increase your risk of stroke.

    Another danger of forceful cracking is overextending your ligaments and tendons, which can weaken their ability to support your head throughout your life.

  • Can Neck Crack Cause Arthritis?

    Many people don’t like to hear someone else’s joints popping, and most of us have heard someone tell chiropractors in Henderson that cracking your joints will cause arthritis. But does it? There is no research showing direct links between arthritis and cracking joints.

  • Stiff Neck? Neck Cracking Alternatives

    Hold a stretch for at least 20 seconds, release, and repeat until you feel better.

  • How Do You Know If You Need To See A Professional?

    If you are continuously experiencing a stiff neck or neck pain, it’s essential to see a professional who can ensure you don’t have an underlying problem that needs to be corrected. If you need an expert to help with your current or chronic neck stiffness or pain contact the best chiropractor Henderson Nevada to book an appointment today!

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