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Chiropractor in Henderson

Chiropractor in Henderson NV employs hands-on spinal manipulation sessions with their patients. We also provide other alternative practices for the proper alignment of your body's musculoskeletal structure. Particularly, our goal is to enable your body to heal itself without surgery and medication. We use chiropractic care to restore mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury caused by a traumatic event, such as falling or repetitive stress, such as sitting without proper back support.

Our Chiropractic Care and Therapeutic Exercise

A chiropractor in Henderson NV will prescribe you specific strengthening exercises for your back, neck, and extremity problems. These exercises ensure decreased pain, prevent muscle deterioration, promote joint health, increase strength, stability, and range of motion, and protect against new or recurring injuries.

Your chiropractor will also supervise you in performing each of the exercises until you are comfortable doing them independently. It is vital to keep up with your activities as prescribed, so you heal faster and regain mobility once again.

Here are just a few of those exercises that you need to undergo under the care of chiropractor in Henderson:

  1. Therapeutic Stretches

    For patients who have had severe injuries, you will begin with therapeutic stretching. This is a vital measure to prevent scar tissue from forming and help keep tissues flexible, increase mobilization, and protect you from new injuries. Your chiropractor will help you with proper stretching techniques and supervise you every step of the way until you are comfortable enough to do them yourself.

  2. Spinal Traction

    Our chiropractors also use spinal traction devices to distract areas of the spine. This treatment helps to separate the vertebrae that had resulted from disc decompression gently - and is aimed to reduce nerve root pressure and mitigate the pain it causes.

  3. Muscle Stimulation

    This uses light electrical pulses transmitted to affected areas of the body through electrodes placed on your skin. This therapy is known to be beneficial for pain relief and in reducing inflammation.

  4. Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

    This treatment is recommended to help patients overcome periods of severe pain and acute injuries.

  5. Ice and Heat Therapy

    Ice and heat have long been used to treat many painful conditions in the chiropractic industry. Ice therapy is typically used to reduce swelling. Additionally, it is believed to help control pain immediately after injuries. On the other hand, heat therapy is used for muscle relaxation. This also increases circulation and provides relief to patients with acute pain.

  6. Diet and Nutritional Counseling

    Our team of chiropractor in Henderson is specifically trained in diet specifications and nutritional counseling. We can also design a personalized dietary program for your needs. This aims to help you maintain good health, especially in minimizing the risk of developing severe health conditions.

  7. Lifestyle Modification Counseling

    Good health is not only having the absence of pain, injuries, and diseases - the lifestyle choices that you create daily can significantly contribute to your long-term health. Your chiropractor will educate you about your lifestyle choices and will help you sort everything through. We shall identify unhealthy habits and give you practical strategies to deal with and manage them without getting surgeries and medication.

    As you have read in this article, chiropractic treatment is more than just spinal manipulations and pain-relieving. Chiropractor in Henderson Nevada employs various treatment modalities to help your body heal itself and return to a pain-free and healthy life.


    Do not wait for things to get worse! With a chiropractor in Henderson Nevada, we guarantee to help your body heal itself and return to a pain-free and healthy life!

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Chiropractor in Henderson